Jio Phone 2 Review: Should You Buy It or Not


Jio Phone 2 Review: Should You Buy It or Not

All the Indians are familiar with one of the best products of Jio i.e. Jio Phone which has been launched on 21st July 2017. Mukesh Ambani, the chairman of Reliance Industries Limited has announced that there are 25 million Jio Phone handset users across India, at the 41st Annual General Meeting of Reliance Industries. To keep the story of Jio Phone intact in the market, Jio has launched an upgraded model of Jio Phone which has come with the name Jio Phone 2 in the market only at 2999 rupees. Actually, the features of Jio Phone 2 are the same as the features of Jio Phone. There is just the difference in design between these phones.

Features of Jio Phone 2:

The new device from Reliance Jio i.e. Jio Phone 2 looks similar to the old BlackBerry phones and offers the same features as the original Jio Phones i.e. Jio Phone 1. The latest upgraded Jio phone is featured with KaiOS Operating System, 2000 mAh Battery, 512 MB of RAM, 4 GB of internal memory, display of 24QVGA, 2 MP rear camera, VGA front facing the camera, dual SIM, LTE, VoLTE and many more. Besides these, this phone supports SD card up to 128 GB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS. This phone also supports YouTube, Facebook, and WhatsApp applications. Actually, this is the same feature as the JioPhone 1.

Difference between JioPhone and Jio Phone 2:

JioPhone2 vs JioPhone

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JioPhone 2 is the same featured as JioPhone 1. JioPhone comes at only 1550 rupees where JioPhone 2 comes at 2999 rupees. Now, a big question arises that what is extra in JioPhone 2 that why the price is more than the price of JioPhone 1. Actually, this JioPhone 2 comes with a horizontal screen, full keypad, and Dual SIM where the JioPhone comes with a vertical screen and single SIM. For these three modifications, Jio has increased the price of JioPhone 2.

Others Phones Available in the Same Price of JioPhone 2:

JioPhone 2 comes at 2999 rupees but JioPhone 2 is not a smartphone and it does not use Android OS. Actually, JioPhone 2 is a feature phone and uses KaiOS. At this price, there are some smart android phones available in India. Intex Aqua Lion N1 is a fully android smartphone which comes with 1 GB RAM and 8 GB ROM and dual SIM slots (both are 4G), available in Flipkart and Amazon only at 2989 rupees. Karbon A40 Indian is also a fully Android Smartphone which comes with 4-inch display, 1 GB RAM, 8 GB ROM and dual SIM slots (4G and 2G) is available in Flipkart and Amazon only at 2700 rupees. So, we can say that these two 4G phones are giving double storage and RAM than the JioPhone 2 and these phones are available within the price of 2999 rupees.

Should You Buy JioPhone 2 or Not:

Jio Phone 2 vs Jio Phone 1

First of all, JioPhone 2 is not an Android smartphone. It is a feature phone which uses KaiOS as the operating system. Secondly, the front camera is a VGA camera which does not give the better quality. Thirdly, the RAM is 512 MB and ROM is 4 GB. There are some phones like Karbon A40 Indian and Intex Aqua Lion N1 are available at the same price in Flipkart and Amazon and these phones give you 1 GB RAM, 8 GB ROM, 0.3 MP front camera, a 4-inch display which is better than the features of JioPhone 2. But in the case of battery JioPhone 2 is better because Jio Phone 2 gives you a 2000 mAh battery where the two phones will give you 1400 mAh battery.

All the features are written here and we have also compared the others phones available at the same price, with this JioPhone 2 clearly. Now, it totally depends on you that you will buy a JioPhone 2 or not. I want to just say that kindly think once before buying a JioPhone 2.

Update:  Jio Phone Next Sale is on 30th August


JioPhone 2 is nothing but an upgraded model of JioPhone 1. This JioPhone 2 has the same features as JioPhone. Only the keypad and screen are different from JioPhone 1 and this phone comes with dual SIM slots. There are some better smartphones are available in the market at the same price. It is totally depended on you that you will buy it or not.

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